How can Sports Therapy help you?

Sports therapy is an aspect of healthcare for anyone, treatments are designed around rehabilitating you to optimum levels of functional, occupational and sports specific fitness, regardless of age and ability. A sports therapist is not the same as a physiotherapist, although many techniques I use are the same sports therapy is a branch of physical therapy. I cannot diagnose a condition only provide treatment in order to fix it. Sports therapy tends to be more manual ‘hands on’ alongside exercise rehabilitation. Many of my clients prefer this approach as you can feel instant benefits. I am also qualified in sports & remedial massage which I am able to provide as part of my treatments.

Sports Therapy can help you with:

Achilles Pain

Achilles Tendonitis


Biceps Pain

Breathing Problems

Bunion Pain

Calf Pain

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Chest Pain

Clavicle Position

Compartment Syndrome

Deltoid Pain

Dorsal Foot Pain


Fallen Arches

Finger Pain

Fingertip Pain


Frozen Shoulder

Gluteal Shortness/ Tightness

Golfers Elbow

Groin Pain

Groin Strains

Hamstrings Pain


Hip/Pelvic Pain

Inguinal Triangle Pain

ITB Syndrome

Knee Instability


Lateral Ankle Pain

Lateral Knee Pain

Lower Back Pain

Medial Ankle Pain

Medial Arch Pain

Medial Calf Pain

Medial Knee Pain

Mental Health


Neck Pain

Neck Stiffness

Physical Health

Plantar Fasciitis

Poor Hand Circulation

Poor Posture

Posterior Knee Pain

Raynauds Disease



Rotator Cuff Dysfunction

Rounded Shoulders

Runners Knee

Sacral Pain

Scapula and Clavicle positioning

Scapula Position

Shin Splints

Shortened Biceps

Shoulder Impingement

Shoulder Weakness

SI Joint Dysfunction



Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Thumb Pain


TMJ Dysfunction


Triceps Pain

Valgus or Varus Knee

Vastus Medialis Obliquus (VMO) dysfunction


Wrist Extensor Pain

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