Jack Holder

STO Member

2019 Certified Level 5 Sports Injury Therapist

2014 Sports Science Health & Coaching Degree

Therapy Practitioner since September 2017

Hands on Therapist Specialising with Musculoskeletal Injuries

Keighley RUFC First Team Therapist since 2019

Body Smart is a therapy service based in Haworth West Yorkshire as well as at Eastburn Fitness Center. It was founded in 2017 by myself ‘Jack Holder’ originally titled ‘Pain Fix’ since updated to Body Smart as services have expanded. I have an 11 year background in sports science both studying and working in various sectors of the fitness, health & well-being industry. I specialise in treating sports related injuries and physical pain, anyone can benefit from my therapy and fitness training. I offer a wide variety of treatments and training for specific needs as well as home visits. Working on improving mental health is a key part of my therapy and I offer many treatments and techniques to help this often overlooked element when helping with physical pain.

What I Do

Personal Injury Rehabilitation Programs and Tailored Guidance.

Manual Therapy Including Massage, Myofascial Release and Muscle Activation.

Fitness Training Programs, Nutritional Guidance and Coaching.

Lifestyle Advice, Therapy Beyond the Short Term Fix.

My Philosophy

My philosophy has always been to offer a complete service, to help every individual by providing the best hands on treatment and comprehensive guidance available. Seeing the positive and life changing results my clients have made has driven me to progress my skills and service further. I believe my therapy is the bridge many people need that is not easily available elsewhere. Unfortunately the NHS and GP’s are overloaded with people in physical pain that they are unable to help. Too often the only options available are medication for pain management which doesn’t correct the problem and often vague exercise advice which unfortunately in many cases doesn’t work. All my guidance is clear and tailored to you and your individual needs, I offer fantastic affordability and what you get for your money with Body Smart is sustainable and affordable.

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