Success Stories

Ben’s Story

Sharing a positive story about one of my clients Ben, after having spinal surgery some years ago after a bad motor-cross accident Ben was waking up in pain every morning and working through it. After years of frustration at not been able to move freely Ben’s mental health regarding his injuries was effecting his daily life. After 2-3 months of regular treatments with me and following exercise advice Ben told me he is noticing a big difference in his movement and waking up without as many sore points in his back. Despite having a spinal injury the pain he was receiving was caused by muscular compensations that have occurred since the injury. Ben has a dropped shoulder meaning weight is greater on one side and his spine has a slight twist, we are now using myofascial release and exercise to help correct Ben’s posture so the pain he was receiving doesn’t come back. Always pleased to see the treatments making such a difference.

Debbie & Vicky’s Story

 Another positive story this time on Plantar fasciitis and tendinitis in the foot! Firstly my client Debbie who wanted to get back in to running regularly again but was unable to due to the pain in her foot and heal. After a few weeks of treatment and exercise rehab Debbie is now running regularly pain free again 😁. Also fitness instructor Vicky who is on her feet all day teaching classes 6 days a week has also overcome her plantar fasciitis pain. We achieved this by releasing the tight fascia in her foot and building up strength with simple lifestyle changes and exercises. It took Debbie and Vicky only a few weeks to overcome a condition that had been bothering them for months. Hopefully I will be able continue to help many more people overcome this condition.

Claire’s Story

Claire recently completed a 135 mile walk and her legs were pain free! Claire first came to see me a couple of months ago with lots of pain in her legs and hips. This was caused my muscular restrictions which we have worked on releasing seeing weekly improvements in movement. She said while doing the walk her legs felt great and pain free, the same could not be said however for her feet which were sore from all the walking. We hope to continue progress and strengthen her feet. See more about Claire’s story here they were also raising money for ‘All We Can’ charity. Personal satisfaction for me when Claire said she couldn’t have done it without seeing me for her treatments. Claire’s Story

David’s Story

75 year old David came to see me having had years of back, neck and shoulder pain. He had put up with it a long time and had NHS physio last year, but thought he would give me a try as he saw the sign across the road from his house. After a 1 hour treatment releasing some of the muscles in his neck, upper back & shoulder David was able to look left and right, which he could not do before he came in, we continued over the next few weeks to continue these improvements. It was amazing to see the instant results after treatments, I especially like to help older clients who have already written there body off due to age.

Annie’s Story

Annie got in touch with me as she was experiencing chronic pain/numbness in her hand. The problem began in December when she had been training every day for an important ballroom dancing competition (she is a national standard dancer). The pain was so severe she could not sleep well, it was seriously effecting her mental health. After she had been to her GP they referred her for a scan which revealed degenerative discs of her upper spine (C3-C6). This was devastating to her at the time she was informed it was related to aging and not given any advice other than medication which she recognized would not fix the problem. We started with releasing tight muscles in her neck, chest & shoulder freeing up the nerve pathway increasing her range of movement. After 3 weeks she noticed a difference in the hand fizzing sensation which was reducing. After further treatments flossing her ulnar nerve and increasing her daily rehab exercises she noticed weekly improvements. After 8 weekly treatments Annie let me know her hand pain was completely gone other than in one yoga position which would pinch on the nerve. I was so pleased my treatments had made such an impact, she will be competing again soon and is now more aware of how to prevent the issues from arising. It appeared to me the degenerative discs in the spine were not directly linked to the hand pain. It was the overuse of chest, neck & shoulder muscles becoming chronically tight and squeezing on her ulnar nerve. Wishing her the best of luck going forward!

These are just a few examples of success stories clients have achieved overcoming pain and injury through manual rehabilitation and exercise therapy, all my clients when they recover thank and recommend Pain Fix.

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