1 hour Hands on Therapy Treatment – £30

What you can expect from a typical hour session. Firstly you will receive a full hour of treatment! In a welcoming and relaxed environment I will get to know you and your reason for visit. I will assess the concern and after finding out the cause of the problem I provide an in depth treatment using a variety of hands on therapy techniques and useful exercises. All my clients are given the information they need to help recover their pain/injury and often experience life changing results. I believe attention to detail and comprehensive guidance is essential to help you in the session and beyond. Also available as a home visit +£5.

1 hour Fitness Training – £25

I have a 10 year background in sports science, health and fitness coaching. I provide quality training sessions designed to help you achieve your goals. All my sessions are fun, specific and engaging and tailored around you. I have my own fantastic private gym space and equipment. Sessions are welcome for absolute beginners through to experienced athletes. I also offer this service to groups up to 3 so you can get fitter together. Block booking available 6 sessions for £120 or 12 for £220. Includes in depth nutritional advice, lifestyle tips and all the tools you need for success.

1hr 30 Mind and Body Treatment – £40

Sometimes 60 minutes just isn’t enough time, especially when the physical pain experienced in the body is linked with psychological factors such as stress and anxiety. My mind and body treatments are incredibly effective at reducing physical pain and improving mental well-being. The extra time allows me to ease tension held in the body more using mostly myofascial release as well as other techniques. Like all my sessions you will receive the full time as well as lifestyle tips and advice not available in many places. Treatments can be extended, highly recommended for stress & pain sufferers! Also available as a home visit +£10.

Home Injury Rehabilitation Guide – £10

If you have an injury I always recommend getting an assessment and treatment from me first so I have a full understanding of the injury and your lifestyle. With 1 hours therapy session you will receive your personal injury rehabilitation guide for free as part of my service. My injury rehabilitation guides include strengthening exercises, stretches, mobilizations and lifestyle advice you can follow easily from home. With my guidance and carefully developing your exercise plan you can recover your injury faster especially combined with regular treatments. See my reviews page to see the results!

Personal Nutrition Program -£15

My philosophy as a therapist is to offer a complete service not just addressing one area of the body such as an injury, but also improving mental health and lifestyle. One of the key missed areas in improving this is nutrition and understanding what impact nutrition has on your physical and mental health. I am offering tailored nutritional plans to improve all aspects of health. My plans especially work well when combined with exercise and if you book any fitness training sessions with me you will get this included as part of my service.

More services coming soon including gut health products and a Pain Fix platform to access to hundreds of exercise rehabilitation videos and advice. Follow Pain Fix on Facebook & Instagram to stay up to date with the latest!


Be free to move and live without pain.

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