General Advice

This page contains advice about rehabilitating an injury in the most efficient and safest way possible. If an injury displays signs of swelling, redness, heat, loss of function and ongoing pain you must see a health professional as soon as possible either at A & E or with your GP depending on severity. A health professional can advise you with the next stages and provide scans and valuable information relating to the problem. It is always essential to follow doctors advice, providing it is safe to do so treatment from me can typically begin 72 hours after the initial injury occurring.

During the first 72 hours please follow my ‘acute stage’ advice then book a treatment for an assessment and further advice.

Acute Stage of Injury – Typically 0-72 hours: With injuries relating to the Muscular-skeletal system the best advice is to follow RICE ‘Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation’. Icing ideally for 20 minutes every hour keeping the inured area elevated above the heart if safe to do so. This can be done lying on a couch or bed with the damaged area raised, compression can be gained with a compression sleeve or bandage however it is important compression is not too tight as constricting blood flow can worsen the injury and lead to further problems. It is also important not to apply ice directly to the skin which can cause ice burning and irritate the skin. To avoid this an ice pack or ice cube bag can be wrapped in a towel before application.

Sub-Acute Stage of Injury – Typically 72 hours-3 weeks: This period after injury is vital to the healthy recovery of the damaged area. This phase is largely about stabilizing, strengthening and increasing proprioception of the area progressively from small movements to a functional level. For the most efficient recovery at this stage I would recommend 2-3 treatments a week along side my personal advised home rehabilitation.

Post-Acute Stage of Injury – Typically 3 weeks onward: This period after injury is the final phase of recovery when the affected area is able to function however not yet ready to return to sport or continual repetitive movement fully. During this phase further progressions can be made focusing on proprioception, mobility, flexibility and strengthening. During this stage I would recommend 1-2 treatments a week alongside your home rehabilitation until the injury has fully recovered.

See the drop down pages for useful information to help stabilize, strengthen, increase range of movement and proprioception to areas which can be effected by injury. After a treatment I will provide you with a specific exercise plan best suited to your recovery.

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