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If you are someone who enjoys exercise and keeping fit at the gym or in a class environment there are many benefits from my therapy I can offer for you. This can include treatments for common injuries, aches and pains sometimes associated with exercise. If you wish to improve your performance and fitness journey I can help you with that through my injury therapy and with my own personal fitness training and advice. This is available to anyone of all abilities and ages, if you are a member of a gym locally you can also save £5 per session!

Sarah ‘Gym Fanatic’ Manchester: Having just received a diagnosis on my knee pain from a recent MRI scan, it wasn’t the best timing being unable to start physio due to current business restrictions. Jack was able to provide a 40+ page plan with loads of great info and a 6 week rehab plan. Absolutely perfect to get me back on track! Can’t state how in-depth, detailed and helpful the plan received is. Highly recommend this service while you can’t get in for a face to face appointment.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Emma ‘Fell Runner’ Barnoldswick: ‘Jack has been my PT for a few weeks now and has helped me massively with getting strong for a series of fell running challenges I (had) set myself for charity. With the current situation Jack is still able to train me, although at the moment we decided remotely was the safest option! Completed this week’s workout at home, still as brutal as ever and his video’s made me feel I was right there with him! Anyone wanting to keep fit should still use Jack’s expertise and service! Thanks again Jack!’

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Vicky ‘Fitness Trainer’ Eastburn: ‘Excellent professional sports therapy practice. So pleased I’ve found Pain Fix. Jack is extremely knowledgeable, quick to diagnose the problem, and provides effective results and fast. Jack has enabled me to continue doing my job as a fitness instructor and I’m so very grateful for that. Great after care advice given too, along with recommended stretches, which are making a massive difference. Thank you Jack! I cannot recommend him enough.’

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Anne ‘Fitness Class Goer’ Cross Hills: ‘I would like to thank Jack @ Pain Fix, I have been suffering with knee pain for probably 2 years, it has stopped me running & doing PiYO & Zumba spin and exercise I enjoy, after 6 weeks he has been treating me & diagnosed my problem! Not stretching my quads properly etc, he’s given me some really good advice & exercises to do at home! He is very professional, a lovely person & I totally recommend him 100% Thank you so much! I’m getting back to it!’

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Gaz ‘Personal Trainer’ Riddlesden: ‘His knowledge and passion show clearly his line of work. Jack provides a very good quality of service and provides the information needed to assist with injuries or issues, not only aiding during the massage itself but giving further advice and exercised to do following his treatment.’

Rating: 5 out of 5.


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