Transforming your mental health & fitness

We need to re frame the language around exercise, the way we talk to ourselves about exercise has to change… ‘Should’ ‘Need’ ‘Can’t’ makes working out a chore! Change that narrative to I’m ‘Going to’, ‘It’s time for’ etc⁣. Your mindset towards exercise can enable to you reach your goals or inhibit you from achieving your full potential.

⁣A simple thing you could change might be going on a walk and not being on your phone. Been present in your surroundings taking in whats around you can be a very effective and simple way of improving mental health and fitness at the same time.⁣

If this is you next time you go for a walk try keep your phone in your pocket, plug into a podcast, music if it helps, and escape from the online world. ⁣⁣

Its essential for our minds to have a mental break from scrolling and switching from website to website. This will really improve mindfulness.⁣

Why do we eat the way we do?

We are our children’s biggest influence, kids are very impressionable and they pick up on our eating habits, our attitude towards exercise. ⁣

⁣We are setting an example to them with how we priorities our food, health, and exercise.⁣⁣

We have a little bit more time to cook from scratch, getting back to basics, and implementing better habits for ourselves. ⁣

⁣Do we want to teach our children, that to reach for the wine, when we get stressed, is the way we deal with a long day, that exercise is not important and that work is a priority over their own health? ⁣⁣

OR ⁣

⁣Do we want to turn up as the best version of ourselves, teaching them that exercise is a great way to improve our mood, increase our longevity and health?

Food for thought!

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