Tips on Managing Stress & Improving Mental Health

There is no one rule for life, everyone has to figure it out, what matters to you, what do you want to achieve with your time on Earth etc? The truth is everyone is on their own journey of ups and downs and our experiences both good and bad make us who we are. But you don’t have to work through the ups and downs in life on your own. Isolating feelings and emotion is a natural reaction to things that cause us difficulties in our lives. It’s often the case that we can be fixated on working out problems on our own without seeking help. The truth is we are stronger together as people than on our own, whether your an open or a more guarded person there are ways in which I can help you navigating the challenges of life. I’m no expert but I have a lot of life experience for a young adult, been a therapist although mostly physical I can relate, help and understand any person and provide support and assistance. I can help you make peace with the past, understand how your mind works and how trauma can have impacts on your present day no matter how big or small. I aren’t a psychotherapist but I am another human with traits of empathy and understanding. I have thankfully helped many people improve their mental health through improving their physical well-being and emotional understanding and I hope to help many more. I have a few handy guides attached below, get in touch and I will offer you support and guidance.


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