Society & ‘Diet’

How often do we hear the phrase ‘Diet’? ⁣

⁣There are a few things about the fitness world and so called ‘diets’ that can be incredibly damaging to our physical and mental health. ⁣

You have to be clear not to follow celebrities & influencers or in fact ANYBODY promoting quick-fix fat loss products.⁣

Keto powders, herbal life, pills, slim fast shakes etc. Do you really think our bodies are designed for this s**t?! ⁣

These products have a damaging effect on the physical and mental health of people, especially young people. ⁣

The risks of quick-fix weight loss outweigh the benefits, and advertising these products without a health warning is damaging.⁣

‘Highly influential celebrities are letting down the very people who look up to them, by peddling products which are at best ineffective and at worst harmful.’ This is a quote from the NHS medical director – I couldn’t say it any better myself! ⁣

They are a toxic influence, lining their pockets full of cash, only benefiting themselves whilst letting people constantly feel like they’ve failed at yet another diet or quick fix.⁣

Imagine using that influence to actually help people, guide people and do some good in the world! ⁣

I have had a number of people come to me after trying a number of fad diets and repeatedly failing to improve their health.

In one experience herbal life lead someone to end up in hospital!⁣

Thankfully in this case I was able to help the person from repeating the same mistakes and lead them to more sustainable fat loss and wholesome health. ⁣

Diets fail because they do not work sustainably over time. They give rise to perfectionism and promote unrealistic expectations.⁣

Dieting supports the illusion that weight loss leads to happiness and health. Honestly, for most people, weight loss just tends to lead to more worry about weight re-gain. ⁣

We have lost sight of weight loss for health. So instead of undertaking some grueling juice cleanse, diet, or Instagram trend, simply incorporate more healthy but delicious meals into your lifestyle. ⁣

That way you’ll help develop a positive relationship with food, nourish your body and likely drop a few pounds along the way.⁣

What can I help you with?

As your health coach, I can’t guarantee you the physique of a 24-year-old athlete, but with my coaching I can guarantee a few things, like:⁣⁠

Having a fitness plan that works for you– no matter your schedule or preferences.⁠

Having the freedom to ditch the diet mentality + live a fully authentic life (a life that includes social gatherings) without backsliding on the progress of your fitness goals.⁣⁠

Following a plan that actually enhances your productivity, energy + happiness.⁣⁠

⁣⁠Enjoying a simple, straight-forward solution to weight loss that not only works but allows you to keep the weight off for good.⁣⁠

Creating a healthy lifestyle through a process that doesn’t drain your soul, your patience, or your well-being.⁣⁠

And Imagine experiencing all this goodness in a supportive environment with others just like you who crave real, tangible results.

⁠I help all types of people turn that dream into a reality.⁠

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