Simple strength training

New to strength training? This 4 move workout will teach you the essentials.

⁣Give this simple smith machine workout a try, staying in one place rather than going station to station, saves you time and a little more convenience.⁣

Time is limited, you want to get in and get out! ⁣

Give this a try….⁣

3 x 10-12 Smith Machine Squats⁣

3 x 10-12 Smith Machine Inverted Row⁣

3 x 10-12 Smith Machine Hip Thrust⁣

3 x 10-12 Smith Machine Chest Press⁣

3 x 10-12 Smith Machine RDL ⁣

If you’re walking into the gym without a plan of action means that your winging it .. which ends up in a lack of motivation, not seeing your hard work paying off, wasting your time, becoming stuck, and giving up! ⁣

Eliminate guesswork and confusion and start seeing results.⁣

Send over a message if you would like to walk in the gym with confidence, know exactly what to do with exercise and nutrition, at home or the gym… i’m here to help and guide you.