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Are you in need of some structure to your ‘diet’? Some clear information on health and nutrition and what foods you can eat to become healthier and happier? I’m a qualified health and nutrition coach which I will admit makes me sound like a pompous know it all about food type wanting to enforce my low calorie boring eating ways on you. But honestly I am not like that, i’m not one of these personal trainers or so called experts you see recommending you to eat meat 3 times a day or drink meal replacement shakes. I don’t believe its healthy to deny your body of essential nutrients and take on some ridiculous unnecessary diet ‘designed around you’ which often they are not. If i’m honest I hate the way the health industry is portrayed and that companies take advantage of you wanting to become healthier by getting you on often extreme and dangerous diets.

I believe in a realistic way of eating that works for you and is sustainable for life. I believe you need to understand what is in food and not be told what you can / can’t eat. What I can offer you is assistance to make the right decisions for a healthier and happier you. I have an extensive food knowledge and I can make a nutrition plan for anyone no matter what your needs and food preferences. I don’t discriminate against people who make ethical food decisions but I can tell you what definitely to avoid out there. Cheaply made processed foods normally, packed with artificial additives and preservatives often in perceived healthy foods. Get in touch with me for a realistic and sustainable way of living, have a happy relationship with food and be healthier, if your willing you can’t fail with me helping you every step of the way. Below are some simple recipes to get you started.

Health Promoting Foods & Recipes

Vegan Health


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