Mindfulness & Yoga

Why practice mindfulness & yoga? The main reason I promote these well known stress coping mechanisms is because we all live busy, confusing and often stressful lives. What mindfulness & yoga can offer you is a grounding of your mind and body, to focus on a sole activity and perhaps better understand yourself and what you want to prioritize in your life. I will admit i’m not the bendiest person myself but yoga is not all about stretching. It can be about forming relationships with your class peers and instructor, or if on your own about getting some peace and quiet from the many distractions in our lives. I think in an ever faster paced world practicing yoga and meditation has more uses than you might think, if you want help with this get in touch and give it a try. I know some fantastic yoga teachers who offer classes and online coaching sessions. Read up on some more benefits from the downloadable links below.


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