Encourage a Healthy Gut with My Kombucha

Over the course of the last year health has become a more topical issue and something that as a nation we need to address for a more happier and healthier future. The benefits of looking after our gut health have long been neglected in the main stream because perhaps it is still a relative unknown about the importance of maintaining a healthy gut. Your gut contains good bacteria which helps to fight disease and infection providing you with a strong healthy immune system. Neglecting your gut health can increase your risk of developing illness and a more deadly reaction to illness as a result. Poor gut health can also have a serious negative impact on your mood and digestion as much scientific research suggests.

Kombucha is a Probiotic drink that is effectively a sweet tea that is fermented to produce good bacteria. Many probiotic drinks already exist in a dairy form but Kombucha is non dairy so suitable for all types of people. As I am passionate about improving public health I am making my own Kombucha and making it available to my clients and others on a local scale. You can buy 1 liter of this tasty refreshing drink from me for £5 and if you have a small glass per day your gut will thank you for it and keep you protected against infection and disease. There is a vast science around the importance of good bacteria in the gut but you don’t need to rely on often expensive and unnecessary tablets to help you with this. It can all be done with our diets, a small glass of Kombucha a day is a good place to start and regular consumption of other probiotic foods such as sauerkraut, cabbage, Kimchi, Kefir, probiotic yoghart and sourdough bread will really benefit you long term.


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